Brendan Murray, Supervisor

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Why Pre-Plan?

As awkward as it may sound, pre-arranging a funeral is probably one of the kindest things someone can do for the people they love.  It relieves a person’s family or friends from some very hard decision making at a most dificult time.   It can be performed on a partial basis by giving the funeral home pertinent information regarding a person’s background.  This information will be kept on file for later use in official documentation and obituary notices. 

Planning for Your Needs
For families facing the need of a professional personal care facility, we can suggest an Irrevocable assignment of proceeds directly to our firm, which forbids ANY creditors (nursing facilities included) from attaching to these final expense monies.  We advise pre-planning through life insurance products, trusts, annuities or savings accounts.

For those concerned that their wishes will not be met by well-intentioned family or friends, we can establish a Statement of Contrary Intent, meaning we will follow YOUR desires to the letter of the law, as prescribed by YOUR signature.

Reserve Burial
For those who would like to prepare burial expensises at anytime or age in life, they can go to their bank of choice and take out a Irrevocable Burial Reserve which will put the money in a CD in their name. The Burial Reserve will be used at the time of death to cover burial expenses.

To better assist us in serving you, we ask that you kindly fill out the form below.  We will keep this information on record in strict confidence until contacted by you to establish a time to select merchandise or pre-finance, if desired.  Thank you.

For well over a century, Hessling Funeral Home has offered traditional and non traditional services. We provide funeral services to all cultures and religious faiths. Making this difficult time a little easier for our families is our primary concern. In this spirit, we created our website, in which you will find information about our services and facilities, useful items such as directions, obituaries, and monuments. Please browse through our website and feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.